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Brian and Gaye Thornley had a vision of both lifestyle and passion for Paintball and started Combat Zone Paintball Ltd in Abbotsford, in 2005. Brian has played Paintball since the early days of the game, and playing throughout New Zealand at National competitions and also scenario games has given him a total grasp of the game from ground level, up to the best that New Zealand has to offer. Combat Zone Paintball Ltd has seen a few changes since the early days when Brian started operating at the top of 3 Mile Hill in Dunedin, 12 years ago. Their vision to own the land which they lived, played and operated from, became a reality in 2005 when they found the perfect spot in Abbotsford.

“My guarantee to people who have never played Paintball, is to come have a look to see how much fun other players are having and soon you will want to play, and we know that for sure! Take the leap! Combat Zone Paintball Ltd is the best that Otago has to offer both in playing and knowledge of the game. We live and breathe Paintball. -Brian Thornley (Field Operator)”


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